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Equine Website, Print, & Logo Graphic Design Marketing



Anytime. We are happy to take on your order as long as it is commissioned within a timely manner in regard to the project's deadline. Rush fees will be charged for any and all work needed within two weeks or less. 



The client is responsible for providing all content and material up front in order for us to start your design(s). Content and material is defined as items such as quality photographs (Scanned in at 300dpi or above), accurate copy (text) that has been checked for spelling and grammatical errors, and any or all material noted by the designer as necessary to completing the projects under our policy terms. 



All clients will have to specify a deadline according to the clients project and needs. Please note that some projects take longer than others and depending on our work schedule, may have a delayed starting date. Once the project is finalized and payment has been made in full, a copy of the digital file will be sent to the client and the publication/printing company.


When sending photos and farm logos via e-mail, please keep in mind that they will typically need to be at least at a 300 dpi and photos should be 8 X 10 or larger jpeg files for the best clarity for printing. 

Professional photos are nice but not absolutely necessary.


We reserve the right to add completed projects to our portfolio and a website credit to the footer of your website. If there is a privacy issue involved, please inform us.



We do our best to make sure your information is correct but on occasion something might slip by us. Therefore, we do not guarantee that your design will not have errors. It is your responsibility to PROOF YOUR DESIGN and/or WEBSITE CAREFULLY.  Any error you may find must be brought to our attention as soon as possible.



Please DO NOT ask us to manipulate the conformation of your horse(s). We absolutely, positively WON'T do it due to photographers' copyright laws as well as moral & ethical reasons. Things we CAN do however, is extract backgrounds and/or fix red-eye, or other such camera anomalies. Background extraction fees vary and are based on the complexity of the image.


We accept Paypal, credit cards (through Paypal), Venmo, CashApp, and money orders. We will also accept checks, however files will not be sent until payment has cleared the bank (up to 10 business days).


*** NEW CLIENTS - PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL UP FRONT for any design project.

ESTABLISHED CLIENTS - Payment is due IN FULL before any final/approved project files will be sent to you or your printing company.



Due to past experiences, we will no longer extend website projects out beyond 3 months. Once we start your project, we expect that all information has been sent to us to get it started and finished in a timely manner. If for some reason we do not have all the information needed up front, and we do not hear from you and/or get the requested information within 1 week of asking, we will continue on with the website project until it is completed as well as we can with the information we do have on hand. We will then send an invoice to you for the balance to be be paid in full before we release the website to be published. In some instances, we will not release the website password until we have payment in full.


A project will be considered abandoned if we have not heard from you in 30 days. You will not have any rights to use any of the work that was presented to you, unless the project has been paid in full. If we have not heard from you and you contact us after the 30 day abandonment, a start up fee may apply.


*Any deposit or payment in full paid up front, for any project, is Non-Refundable.

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